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Z80 Roofing Galvanized Steel Coil

Galvanized steel coils are dipped in a bath of dissolved zinc to attach a layer of zinc to the surface. The commonly used specifications of Z80 roofing galvanized coils are 0.12mm-3mm, and the galvanized coils range from Z60, Z80, and Z275g/m2.

Product introduction


Z80 coating properties
Type of coating
Density d/(g/cm3)
Coating form
Recommended Nominal Coating Weight/(g/m2)
code name
Pure zinc coating
Equal thickness plating
Coating Surface Structurecode namefeature
Ordinary spangle
NThe zinc flower structure visible to the naked eye obtained by solidification of the zinc layer under natural conditions.
Small spangleM
Visible fine spangle structure obtained by special control method.
Zinc freeFThe fine spangle structure invisible to the naked eye obtained by a special control method.
Typical Application

Pure zinc coating (Z) is one of the most commonly used coating types in manufacturing and construction. It is suitable for a range of applications where steel requires a coating that sacrifices protection to prolong the life of the article or structure. Typical applications include:

  • Building and construction components, such as steel structures (purlins and girders);

  • Steel frame decoration;

  • Painted rainwater fittings;

  • Auto parts and body panels;

  • pipes and profiles;

  • engineering components;

  • Household appliances (washing machine frames and panels, cooker plates, dryers, speaker stands, etc.);

  • Industrial products (oil pumps, oil tanks, heat exchangers, fan housings, trapezoidal profiles, cable tray systems);

  • Electronics and agricultural machinery components.

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