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SGCC Galvanized Steel Sheet

We are a Chinese supplier of SGCC galvanized sheet, we supply SGCC steel products all over the world with low price and high quality.

Product introduction

SGCC is a hot-dip galvanized steel sheet in the Japanese JIS G 3302:2012 executive standard, also known as galvanized iron rice.

The meaning of SGCC: S-steel, G-galvanized, C-cold rolled, C-common.

SGCC steel has excellent corrosion resistance and is mainly used for roof panels and other components exposed to wind and rain (such as gutters, signboards, metal enclosure products, etc.).

SGCC galvanized steel sheet is a material that is often used without painting, because the coating is very thick, and the thickness of the substrate before electroplating is more than 0.19mm and less than 3.2mm.

SGCC Steel Properties

Chemical properties of SGCC Steel:

  • C:≤0.15

  • Mn:≤0.80

  • P:≤0.05

  • S:≤0.05

Mechancal properties:

In SGCC steel, a yield point or yield stress of 205 N/mm2 or higher and a tensile strength of 270 N/mm2 or higher can be used.


SGCC galvanized steel sheet has the following spangles, please choose according to your needs:

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