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SECC DX51 Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Plate

DX51D hot dipped galvanized steel sheet belongs to low carbon steel and belongs to European standard. SECC hot dipped galvanized steel sheet is a Japanese standard grade and is a stamping material. The common feature is that the surface of the sheet is ga

Product introduction


DX51D Steel:

DX51D galvanized steel plate consists of five parts: product use code, steel type code, steel performance, hot-dip code (D) and coating code, among which hot-dip code (D) and coating code are connected by "+".

DX of DX51D: the initial letter D indicates cold-formed flat steel; the second letter X indicates the rolling state without specifying the base plate.

The steel grade of DX51D hot dipped galvanized steel sheet is low carbon steel. The equivalent material of DX51D steel is divided into European standard DX51D, Japanese standard SGCC and SGHC, American standard CS Type C, Chinese standard DX51D+Z, DX51D+ZF, DX51D+ZA, DX51D+AZ.

SECC Steel:

SECC galvanized steel plate is a Japanese standard grade, its meaning: S-steel, E-galvanized, C-cold-rolled, C-common grade. The electrogalvanized layer codes of SECC steel are E8, E16, E24, and E32, which represent the amount of zinc attached, and the unit is g/m2.

SECC galvanized steel plate is also a kind of stamping material. The surface of the cold-rolled sheet is coated with a zinc layer, which is rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The surface of SECC hot dipped galvanized steel sheet is divided into oil coating (SECC-O), anti-fingerprint (SECC-N5), and phosphating (SECC-P).

SECC hot dipped galvanized steel sheets are produced in China's Baosteel, South Korea's Posco, Japan's Kobe Steel, Germany's Krupp Steel Works, and Belgium's CKRM.


DX51D hot dipped galvanized steel sheet is divided into DX51D+Z, DX51D+ZF, DX51D+ZA and DX51D+AZ according to the coating type, and its application:

  • DX51D+Z: It is one of the most commonly used coating types in manufacturing and construction.

  • DX51D+ZF: Suitable for exterior parts such as automobiles and home appliances.

  • DX51D+ZA: Primarily used in applications where good ductility is required (eg deep drawn parts) and where moderate corrosion resistance is required.

  • DX51D+AZ: Suitable for environments requiring high corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and heat reflectivity, such as roofs and walls.

Application of SECC hot dipped galvanized steel sheet:

  • Automotive: Body panels, radios, fans, air cleaners, filters, fuel tanks.

  • Household appliances: refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, air conditioners, VCRs, CD players, color TVs, tape recorders, microwave ovens, stereos.

  • Office machines: copiers, computer cases, printers, monitors, telex machines.

  • Construction: doors, wall partitions, studs.

  • Production machinery: agricultural machinery, industrial robots.

  • Clean industry: wall decoration in operating room.

  • Others: electrical distribution, oil storage tank, motor cover, steel furniture floor.

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