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Electro galvanized Iron Steel Sheet

Electro galvanizing is the process of coating a layer of zinc on the surface of cold-rolled steel sheets by electroplating. It can enhance the corrosion resistance and heat resistance of cold-rolled steel sheets, and can also make electro galvanized sheet

Product introduction

Electro Galvanized Steel Process

Electro galvanized sheet is a method in which zinc and the material to be plated are put into a solution and energized, so that the zinc dissolved in the solution is precipitated on the surface of the material to be plated.

There are many kinds of electro galvanized steel processes, such as zinc ammonium bath using acidic solution, zinc potassium chloride bath, cyanide bath and zincate bath using alkaline solution, etc.

The coating thickness of electro galvanized sheet is about 2~25µm.

The advantage of electro galvanized sheet is that the thickness of the coating is uniform and the decoration is good; the disadvantage is that chromate treatment is required to improve the corrosion resistance of electro galvanized steel and prevent white powder from being produced due to corrosion. 

Electro-Galvanized Steel Properties

Electro galvanized steel is a steel plate that uses an electro-galvanized process.

The substrate before the electro galvanized steel process is a cold-rolled steel plate, which has excellent machinability, and because the thickness of the electro galvanized steel coating is uniform, it has a beautiful and glossy appearance, and the coating performance is excellent, and it can be made into various colors.

However, the electro galvanized layer is thinner than the hot dipped galvanized layer and has poor corrosion resistance, so it cannot be used in the open air and in places where it is easy to come into contact with water.


Specific applications of electro galvanized sheets:

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