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DX52D+AZ Galvalume Coil

AZ in DX52D+AZ galvanized coil is aluminum-zinc alloy coating. The mass fraction of aluminum in the aluminum-zinc alloy solution is about 55%, the mass fraction of silicon is about 1.6%, and the rest is zinc. The surface structure of AZ coating usually ha

Product introduction

Economical DX52D+AZ galvalume coil

Since the density of 55% Al-Zn is lower than that of Zn, the area of galvalume coil is more than 3% larger than that of galvanized steel sheet under the condition of the same weight and the same gold plating thickness.

  1. Corrosion resistant

    Zinc has active chemical properties. In the air at room temperature, a thin and dense alkaline zinc carbonate film is formed on the surface, which can prevent further oxidation, while aluminum can form an insoluble oxide layer in the air, which acts as a protective barrier.

  2. Heat resistance

    Galvalume coils can be used in high temperature environments up to 315 degrees.

  3. Reflective

    The galvalume coil has high reflectivity, and its heat reflectivity is almost twice that of galvanized steel. It is very suitable for steel structure metal roofs and can achieve energy-saving effects.

  4. Easy to color

    Galvalume coils have excellent adhesion to paint and can be painted without pretreatment and weathering.

◆ Standards

  • GB/T 2518-2019 : DX52D+AZ

  • EN 10346:2015 : DX52D

  • JIS G 3302:2012 : SGCD1

  • ASTM A653M-17 : CS Type A, CS Type B


Chemical properties of DX52D+AZ Galvalume Coil:

  • C: ≤0.12

  • Si: ≤0.50

  • Mn: ≤0.60

  • P: ≤0.10

  • S: ≤0.045

  • Ti: ≤0.30

Mechancal properties of DX52D+AZ Galvalume Coil:

  • Lower yield strength ReL/MPa: 140~300

  • Tensile strength Rm/MPa: 270~420

  • Elongation after break A80mm/%: ≥26

  • Plastic strain ratio r90 : -

  • Transverse Tensile Strain Hardening Exponent n90: -

Coating properties of DX52D+AZ Galvalume Coil:

Type of coating
Density d/(g/cm3)Coating formRecommended Nominal Coating Weight/(g/m2)Coating Code
typecode name
Al-Zn Alloy CoatingAZ
Equal thickness plating
















The AZ in the DX52D+AZ galvalume coil is an aluminum-zinc alloy coating. The mass fraction of aluminum in the molten aluminum-zinc alloy solution is about 55%, the mass fraction of silicon is about 1.6%, and the rest is zinc. The surface structure of the AZ coating is ordinary spangle, which is characterized by the aluminum-zinc crystal structure obtained by the normal condensation of the coating. The surface structure of the AZ coating usually has a metallic luster.

DX52D+AZ galvalume coil has excellent coating insulation protection and electrochemical protection, and is suitable for environments requiring high corrosion resistance. In addition, the DX52D+AZ galvalume coil has good high temperature resistance and heat reflectivity, and is widely used in roofs and walls. It can be used directly or as a substrate for color-coated panels.

Other applications of DX52D+AZ galvalume coil include:

  • Building and construction components (envelope systems, joists for residential buildings, roofs, walls, ceilings, doors);

  • Rainwater pipe fittings;

  • furniture and outdoor cabinets;

  • Unexposed auto parts;

  • Electrical appliances (oven, heater);

  • Pipes and computer cases, etc.

Purchasing Information

Product name DX52D+AZ Galvalume Coil
Surface light Oil, chromate, passivated, anti finger
Thickness 0.1-3.0mm
Width 600-1500 mm(Can be customized)
Spangle Regular spangle,Minimum spangle, Zero spangle, Big spangle
Coil Weight 3 tons to 5 tons
Shipping Standard packing for sea, air or rail transport
Delivery 10-15 working days after the receipt of 30% deposit
Regular Order 25 tons or one container,for less quantity,to contact with us for details
Porductivity 2000 tons per month
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